ISIS vow attack on ‘London TOMORROW’

ISIS vow attack on ‘London TOMORROW’


The five-minute film features revoltingly graphic content as well as archive footage from the 9/11 al-Qaida attacks and warefare in the Middle East.

A male voiceover, spoken in English but with a thick Arab accent, repeatedly references the “nations of the cross”.

He warns of repeating the Brussels attacks and Paris atrocities that killed 130.

In his most disturbing comments, he says: “Nations of the cross this message is for you, your options are few.

“Either join Islam or pay tribute or face the war.

The video also displays a computer-generated clip of the Eiffel Tower in Paris crashing to the ground.

It is believed to have been taken straight out of video game Modern Warfare 3.

The film, “Fight Them: Allah Will Punish Them by Your Hands”, was released by the Alwa’ad yesterday.

It is the media arm of ISIS, also known as Daesh.

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