WARNING: What this tourist found on a British beach will leave you...

WARNING: What this tourist found on a British beach will leave you TERRIFIED


The dismembered body part was found by a shocked tourist who was enjoying a walk on a remote beach in Anglesey, Wales. 

Police forensics experts descended on Tal Y Foel beach near Dwyran in the south of the island after being alerted to the grim and alarming find.

They set up a cordon as they investigated the blood-curdling discovery, which detectives have said they believe to be a severed human foot.

Officers were alerted to the body part shortly after 1.30pm today by a tourist who stumbled across it whilst walking on the pristine sands.

They have now removed the foot from the beach, and it has been sent off to a police laboratory for DNA tests in a bid to determine its origin.

Detective Sergeant Richard Griffith of North Wales Police said the coroner would be informed of the discovery, so he can cross-reference it against local deaths and missing persons.

He said: “At 13.36 today police were alerted by a member of the public to the discovery of what appears to be a human foot on Tan Y Foel beach, near Dwyran. The item has been sent for forensic examination and the Coroner will be informed.

“There is no further information at this time and our inquiries are on-going.”

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