Cod you believe it? Nigel Farage reels in a sturgeon (or is...

Cod you believe it? Nigel Farage reels in a sturgeon (or is it an old trout?)


Interim Ukip leader Nigel Farage goes fishing off the coast of Kent
Mr Farage was named interim leader of the anti-EU party earlier this month after Diane James’ shock resignation.

But he clearly had his mind on other things on Friday.

The charismatic MEP – who led the Brexit campaign to victory this summer – was snapped on a fishing trip off the Kent coast.

Mr Farage, an outspoken critic of Brussels’ fishing quotas, grinned as he reeled in fish of all sizes during his expedition.

Wearing black and orange overalls, the 52-year-old was more than happy to pose with his catch of the day.

After resigning as Ukip leader Mr Farage admitted he needed a break from politics, saying the stress of leading Ukip had taken its toll.

Nigel Farage fishingThe leading Brexit campaigner is a critic of the EU’s fishing quotas

Nigel Farage fishing

He told supporters he wanted his “life back”, adding: “It has been a huge chunk of my life, doing this.

“It’s not easy, when you feel a degree of ownership of something, to let it go. But it does come at a cost to me and to those around me.”

He has kept a relatively low profile since quitting but appeared alongside Donald Trump at a campaign rally in August.

Donald Trump and Nigel FarageGETTY

His last major public appearance, at a Donald Trump rally in August

Mr Farage drew parallels between the Brexit campaign and business mogul Mr Trump’s bid to become US President.

But he has since appeared to row back on his support for the Republican candidate, who is currently embroiled in a sexism storm.

The MEP told the BBC: “There are lots of things in the campaign that I couldn’t support in any way at all.”

Nigel FarageGETTY

Mr Farage has since distanced himself from Mr Trump’s campaign

Meanwhile, in an article for the Sunday Express, Mr Farage attacked pro-Brussels MPs for not respecting the outcome of the EU referendum.

He wrote: “I myself was perfectly clear that Brexit meant we had to leave the single market, as was Michael Gove and everyone else on the Leave side.

Now though it seems the Westminster establishment are determined to patronise the British people by declaring that they didn’t know what they were voting for.”

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