‘Let Theresa get on with it!’ Hungarian PM tells EU to STOP...

‘Let Theresa get on with it!’ Hungarian PM tells EU to STOP MOANING and ACCEPT Brexit


Viktor Orban said this afternoon while he had hoped Britain would stay in the 28-country bloc, he accepted their democratic decision and would do everything to ensure the two countries kept a close link.

In response to a question about how other EU leaders were treating Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels, Mr Orban said: “I don’t have any sort of authority to speak about the position of other countries but it is not surprising there are still some countries who have strategies.

“Hungary definitely would not like to see any revenge on the British. We are a democratic country and we accept that democratically another country’s population decided to leave.”

He said the question was not “whether we are happy with that or not”, rather how the two countries could learn to “live together for the next 1000 years”.

Viktor OrbanTheresa May is in Brussels to discuss Brexit with EU leaders including Jean-Claude Juncker

Mr Orban concluded: “[Mrs May] created an impressive experience for us. She’s very clear-cut, honest and could be a very good partner for us during the Brexit negotiations and even after that, I’m sure about it.


Viktor Orban is frustrated at how Theresa May is being treated by EU leaders

“We still would like to have a strategy between the European Union and the United Kingdom. We are supportive.”

He also mocked the EU for forcing the British PM to wait until after one in the morning to discuss Brexit.


Orban said he wanted to ensure the UK and Hungary shared a strong relationship for “1000 years”

Mr Orban said: “We Hungarians like to sleep!”

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, dismissed Mrs May’s speech, replying “pffft” when asked how it had gone.

He said this morning: “We had no special event with Theresa May yesterday. She was explaining what her intentions are. I’ll have lunch with her and then we will see what happens.”
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