Michigan Muslim Sues Amazon For Mocking Islam, Gets Perfect Nasty Reply

Michigan Muslim Sues Amazon For Mocking Islam, Gets Perfect Nasty Reply


A wealthy Muslim of Syrian descent living in Michigan was outraged, accusing Amazon of insulting his religion and its treatment of women.

However, as soon as he reported the corporate giant’s “crime” to the state’s Department of Civil Rights, he received a simple reply that left the Sharia supporter absolutely stunned.

Abdullah Haydar had a cushy career at Amazon.com, acting as the company’s Michigan manager from 2012 to 2015. During this time, he claims that he was subjected to what he calls “ethnically and religious-tinged comments”

about his Islamic marriage, accusing an employee of making a remark about how Muslims mistreat their wives, Geek Wirereports. After causing the company turmoil and repeatedly failing performance reviews, Haydar was fired.Michigan Muslim Sues Amazon For Mocking Islam, Gets Perfectly Nasty Reply

As expected, Haydar wasn’t taking the truthful comments about his religious beliefs lying down, so the supremacist decided to use our benevolent constitutional rights to deny us our right to speech. Fortunately, Haydar quickly found out just what it means to live in a free country.

Haydar quickly filed a discrimination report against Amazon with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which immediately began looking into his claims. After a thorough investigation, the EEOC came to the conclusion that the company had not violated any laws, subsequently dismissing his case. Of course, Haydar wasn’t about to settle for a fair investigation, so he went straight to the next department he thought would side with him.

After being dismissed by the EEOC, Haydar filed charges against Amazon with theMichigan Department of Civil Rights, telling them that he had suffered discrimination in the workplace. He was once again outraged to discover that the department also found no wrongdoing in Amazon’s handling of Haydar’s termination, and the civil rights bureau sided with the EEOC and dismissed his case.

Michigan Muslim Sues Amazon For Mocking Islam, Gets Perfectly Nasty Reply

Abdullah Haydar’s unfounded claims were dismissed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

After being told twice by 2 separate departments that his complaints aren’t founded, since he has no evidence to back them up, Haydar is trying his luck a third time. The entitled Muslim filed a lawsuit on Friday in the U.S. District Court of Eastern Michigan against Amazon and three former supervisors, Garret Gaw, Peter Faricy, and Joel Mosby. He’s still demanding financial compensation for alleged emotional and physical abuse, as well as lost wages and benefits.

That’s right. Now that Haydar has taken his case to the district court, he’s adding claims that he suffered physical abuse and harassment. Unfortunately for him, his former team leader has come forward and stated that Haydar was fired because he didn’t even possess the basic leadership skills needed to fulfill his position with the company, which appears to be the cause of his unfounded claims.

Still, it’s comical to watch a Muslim supremacist like Haydar waste his money on a case with a judge who’ll most likely look at the 2 previous rulings and dismiss it a third time. However, those of us who know about Islam’s violent and compulsive fundamentals are well-aware that Haydar’s offense is just how Muslims effectively oppress a nation until they themselves are the majority.

Michigan Muslim Sues Amazon For Mocking Islam, Gets Perfectly Nasty Reply

Around 40 percent of workplace complaints are filed by the 1-percent Muslim population.

Perhaps Haydar should sue the devout Muslims who have established Islam’s reputation as an ideology and culture that treats women like property. Or maybe he should just take his offense up with Allah, who stated in Quran 4:34 that men are superior to women and should beat their wives if they even suspect the slightest arrogance.

Instead, Haydar wants to pretend that his religion doesn’t condone the abuse of women, even though the Islamic prophet Muhammad beat his own child bride in the chest and bragged about sleeping with all 11 of his wives in one night, not to mention his barbaric treatment of the women he took as sex slaves.

What Haydar really wants is what all Muslims, moderate or devout, really want — to outlaw freedom of speech. In Sharia law, there is no freedom of expression, religion, or speech. One must refrain from speaking negatively of Islam, even if it’s true, or suffer the inhumane punishments.

Once no one is allowed to speak candidly about Islam, Muslims are free to take all of our other basic human rights that aren’t allowed to non-Muslims under Sharia. After all, how can you battle something that you aren’t allowed to openly oppose, much less warn others about it.

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