Italian girl converts to Islam, joins the Islamic State: “I can’t wait...

Italian girl converts to Islam, joins the Islamic State: “I can’t wait to die as a martyr”


She had to be convicted in absentia of aiding terrorists because she isn’t in Italy; she is in the Islamic State. Yet another convert to Islam gets the idea that her new religion, which all Western non-Muslim authorities insist is peaceful, commands her to commit treason and mass murder. Authorities remain resolutely uninterested in this phenomenon.

“Italian Muslim convert found guilty of helping Islamic State,” by Manuela d’Alessandro, Reuters, December 19, 2016:

An Italian woman who traveled to Syria two years ago proclaiming her support for Islamic State was sentenced in absentia on Monday to nine years in jail on terrorism-related charges, a court ruled.

Maria Giulia Sergio, 29, converted to Islam in 2007 and moved to Syria with her Albanian-born husband in 2014. She later urged her parents and sister to join them and sign up to the ‘jihad’ or holy war announced by Islamic State rulers.

Dad, drag mum here by the hair. She doesn’t have the right to any opinions,” she said in a call home that was tapped by police. “I can’t wait to die as a martyr,” she said in another call, predicting that the holy war would one day reach Rome.

Her parents and sister began to sell their possessions after agreeing to move to Syria too. But they were arrested in 2015 and prevented from leaving Italy.

Maria Giulia was found guilty of international terrorism and organizing trips to facilitate terrorism.

The father was sentenced to four years in jail on Monday after being convicted of aiding terrorists. The sister was tried earlier this year and sentenced to five years, four months in prison. The mother died of a heart attack shortly after her arrest in 2015.

Maria Giulia’s husband, Aldo Kobuzi, was given a 10-year term. He is believed to be still in Syria with his wife, but nothing has been heard from them in more than a year….

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